What If I Don’t Want Cold Shoulders?

Customer: “I’m looking for a top with…well…I don’t know what you call it….you know, where the shoulders are cut out?

Sales Clerk: “Oh, you mean, you want a cold shoulder top?”

Customer: “No, I don’t want cold shoulders.  I want the tops where there are holes for the shoulders.”

Sales Clerk: “Yes, that’s called a cold shoulder top.”

Customer: “Oh….” nodding her head in understanding. “I get it.”


I can’t tell you how many times I have had this conversation or something like it this season.  The “cold shoulder” trend is everywhere and can be found in tops, sweaters, dresses and tunics.  Even the missy lines are joining the bandwagon with cut out tops – styles that have portions cut out but not necessarily the shoulders.  It’s a fun new twist on fashion this season, even if its a bit hard to describe to the sales clerk.

I had a customer just last week that, after seeing how many items in the store had some form of cut out, decided she should try this trend for the first time.  She came out in a lovely cold shoulder sweater that had relatively small cut outs and just stared at herself in the mirror blankly.  “Do you like it?” I asked

“Well….I feel….exposed.” She said quietly.

“I know.   It’s a bit hard to get used to, but think of it this way…your shoulders are a great part of your body to show.”

I went on to explain that while our necks and arms show wrinkles, our shoulders oftentimes do not.  Thus, exposing the shoulders really makes a lot of sense.  It shows a bit of skin which is always appealing if its done tastefully, and it is exposing a part of the body that is still flattering on most women even into their sixties.  My customer thought that made a lot of sense and decided to buy the sweater she had on.  I hope she’s getting used to feeling “exposed.”

I see the cold shoulder trend as somewhat transient, but I think the cut out tops will be fashionable for many years to come.  If you want to give this trend a try but feel unsure of baring your shoulders, look for a style with an elegant cut out, like the one pictured on the far left.  If you are in favor of being adventuresome with your fashion, then make sure you buy at least one cold shoulder item this season.

Oh, and don’t worry about your shoulders being cold…that’s what coats are for!

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How To Wear A Midi Cardigan

One of the best new cardigan trends this season is the “midi” length cardigan.  These longer cardigans hit near the knee, and come in hemlines that are asymmetrical, even or hi-low.  It’s a great new twist on an old staple.

Midi cardigans can be found in many materials from sweaters to light knits.  I have seen them plain, like the grey one on the right or embellished with stones or tie dye like the one pictured on the left.  A nice sweater knit midi cardigan, like the one in the center, is a great choice for work and can be paired with slacks and a blouse for a professional look on a cold day.

These versatile cardigans can be paired with short tee shirts and jeans or work great as a jacket for a tunic and legging.  I prefer them with slim legged pants and or leggings to help balance out the length.  If you are shorter, you may want to wear a boot with a heel to give your body some extra height.

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It’s All About Plaid

So, the one thing you absolutely must have this season is a plaid shirt.  Coming from Wyoming, plaid has always had connotations of lumber jack and camping.  But not longer!  This season, all the trendiest women will be sporting their plaid shirt and anyone who is in the know won’t think they just got home from a mountain trek!  We’re getting plaid in everyday color on the planet, so you should definitely be able to find one that will compliment your complexion.


Wearing plaid is easy.  Just pair your blouse with some boyfriend jeans that are cuffed at the bottom and wear shoe boots, and you will have a trendy casual style.  download-6It’s also trendy right now to tuck in the front of your blouse and leave the back hanging ing out for a “hi-low” look.  For an extra cool style kick, add a solid puffy vest to your look.  This style works very well for Wyoming because of our colder weather.  It’s a cozy and practical look that is fashionable to boot.

If you are unsure how to wear a shoe boot, check out my blog on the subject!




How To Wear A Poncho

One of the funnest things about fall is the opportunity to exchange a coat for a poncho.  Because these little wonders come in many different forms, I thought it would be helpful to begin with a definition.  A poncho, in the most traditional sense, is a blanket with a slit in the top for your head.  Their purpose is to keep the body warm and protect it from the rain.  They have been worn by Native American peoples of the Andes for centuries.

Fashion has taken the idea of a traditional poncho and expanded upon it.  Often times, wraps (a garment made from blanket or sweater material that you simply wrap around your shoulders) are also called ponchos, even though they are really not.  A true poncho will require that you pull it over your head to wear it.  Also, modern day ponchos sometimes have sewn in sleeves or snaps that you can use to create a sleeve.  These are helpful because they keep the poncho in place on your body, preventing it from sliding around.


Ponchos looks great worn over a collared shirt, as they usually have a round neck or v-neck design that pairs well with a collar.  Because they are usually flowing and loose, they look best paired with skinny jeans or pants.  I also really like them worn with skinny jeans tucked into tall boots, as this style produces a slim leg to balance out the extra fabric of the poncho.  It is fun to wear them with an outerwear scarf and hat; ponchos just seem to lend themselves to that cozy, sit on your front porch on a cold day with a blanket and warm beverage kind of feeling.

The major downside to a poncho is that it doesn’t work very well worn under a coat in the same way a normal sweater would.  As a result, they can really only be worn on days when its cool but not cold.  For those of you in warmer areas, a poncho might be the only coat you need all season.  For us here in Wyoming, we have about a two month window in the fall when we can wear one.  Despite their limited use, however, they can be worn during this season each year, so they are a worthwhile investment.

Since we are firmly in poncho season here in Wyoming, I wanted to encourage my blog readers to try out this fun style this fall.  You will feel fashionable and trendy with one on – I guarantee it!