What If I Don’t Want Cold Shoulders?

Customer: “I’m looking for a top with…well…I don’t know what you call it….you know, where the shoulders are cut out?

Sales Clerk: “Oh, you mean, you want a cold shoulder top?”

Customer: “No, I don’t want cold shoulders.  I want the tops where there are holes for the shoulders.”

Sales Clerk: “Yes, that’s called a cold shoulder top.”

Customer: “Oh….” nodding her head in understanding. “I get it.”


I can’t tell you how many times I have had this conversation or something like it this season.  The “cold shoulder” trend is everywhere and can be found in tops, sweaters, dresses and tunics.  Even the missy lines are joining the bandwagon with cut out tops – styles that have portions cut out but not necessarily the shoulders.  It’s a fun new twist on fashion this season, even if its a bit hard to describe to the sales clerk.

I had a customer just last week that, after seeing how many items in the store had some form of cut out, decided she should try this trend for the first time.  She came out in a lovely cold shoulder sweater that had relatively small cut outs and just stared at herself in the mirror blankly.  “Do you like it?” I asked

“Well….I feel….exposed.” She said quietly.

“I know.   It’s a bit hard to get used to, but think of it this way…your shoulders are a great part of your body to show.”

I went on to explain that while our necks and arms show wrinkles, our shoulders oftentimes do not.  Thus, exposing the shoulders really makes a lot of sense.  It shows a bit of skin which is always appealing if its done tastefully, and it is exposing a part of the body that is still flattering on most women even into their sixties.  My customer thought that made a lot of sense and decided to buy the sweater she had on.  I hope she’s getting used to feeling “exposed.”

I see the cold shoulder trend as somewhat transient, but I think the cut out tops will be fashionable for many years to come.  If you want to give this trend a try but feel unsure of baring your shoulders, look for a style with an elegant cut out, like the one pictured on the far left.  If you are in favor of being adventuresome with your fashion, then make sure you buy at least one cold shoulder item this season.

Oh, and don’t worry about your shoulders being cold…that’s what coats are for!

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