Heavy Platform and Heels On Trend for Fall 2013

Heavy heeled shoes with thick platforms will be in this fall, and I have to make a confession – I am not a fan!  For me, these types of shoes tend to make a woman's feet appear chunky rather than sleek.  Worse yet, they draw attention to a woman's feet,  which to me, is not the place to draw attention.  I don't mind a heavier sole in boots or shoe boots – that makes sense, but I really dislike them in heels and loafers. 

Given my negative attitude, I decided to search out the benefits of platforms and solidly heeled shoes, hoping I might find some methodology behind this trend.  According to helium.com (http://www.helium.com/items/1623002-women-girls-guide-shoes-high) "The platform at the front gives you added height without too much strain on your leg since the arc is significantly lessened compared to very high-heeled shoes. This is suitable for petite women because it can add height especially at the legs and lower body. Platforms are also great for offsetting bottom-heavy figures."  I have seen the arc lessening in practice at the store with some of the shoes from Chinese Laundry.  The platform high heels are easier to tolerate than the non platform heels while still giving you that "oh so high" look. 

I also know from personal experience that thick heels are more stable and easier to balance.  I am a huge fan of wedges because they give me lift and support.  My guess is that thick heels operate in much the same way, making the heel just plain more comfortable and practical to wear. 

According to wikiHow, "Chunky platform sandals or clogs are a handy way for women who are more on the heavyset side to enhance their basic body type; again, it helps make feet/legs look proportional to the rest of the body."  (http://www.wikihow.com/Wear-Platform-Shoes).  I can see the truth to this as well, especially if you have thicker heels and thighs.  A sleek heel could end up making your legs look like exclamation points.  The article goes on to suggest keeping your platforms understated.  Here I totally agree!  If you are going to wear thick soled shoes which might tend to draw attention to your feet, then keep the colors neutral and the shoes low key. 

As with any trend, there will be the understated and the extreme.  If I try some of these shoes for myself this year, I will buy the low key versions of this trend.  Classy and on trend but not over the top.  They seem to look best when some leg is showing like in the picture at the top with a cropped pant.  I can also imagine them with a skirt.  They are a good alternative to pairing a shoe boot with a skirt – yet another heavy shoe trend this fall – as they give the look without being quite as solid as a shoe boot and, as a result, feel less heavy.

What I love about fashion is that it always offers new looks to explore that force us to get out of our boxes.  Perhaps this is one of those times for me!



3 Steps to Get Ready for Fall Clothing Buying

I know, I know…it's July.  You are just really gearing up for summer and some of you are just now getting serious about your summer wardrobe.  Meanwhile the clothing industry is moving on.  That's right, some of our fall is already arriving.  So here is some advise for the modern shopper caught off guard.

1.  Now is the time to get your summer on sale.  Don't wait any longer or you'll be picking through broken sizes and groupings.  Well, the truth is your are already going to be doing that, but if you wait any longer you just might find your size is already gone.  At our store 8, 10, and 12 seem to go the quickest and even though we often order double in these sizes, we are always out.  The BEST time to shop for summer merchandise is April.  Most of our inventory is in by the end of this month and this is when you'll find the best selection of sizes.

2.  Now is also the time to start shopping for fall and put in on LAYAWAY!  If you want to get the best selection of new fall merchandise, start shopping in earnest in August.  Most stores will already have some fall by the beginning of the month and most will have about 60% of their fall inventory by the end of the month.  At Fashion Crossroads and FC Outet we offer a great layaway program that is free and offers you an interest free way to get your fall wardrobe all set. 

3.  Now is the time to start going though your closet.  Perform the annual "Did I wear it last year?" check.  If you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it.  Then, browse through some fashion magazines (or just stay tuned to this blog, our FB and twitter page and our website) for the latest information on the fall trends.  Choose a few trends you want to buy and make a list of what you need for your fall wardrobe.  Do you need to replace your black heels?  Are you jacket or turtle neck poor?  Do you love one of the hot new colors?  Be intentional about what you buy.  And ,don't forget to leave a little room in your budget for items that you didn't plan to find but love and can't live without!