Socks or No Socks with Shoe Boots?

One of the questions I have received lately is how to wear socks with shoe boots.  My customers want to know: socks or no socks?  My answer: it depends on the weather and the jean.


When I was at market in Las Vegas for the WWD Magic Apparel Show in August, I watched to see how ladies were wearing the boyfriend jeans and shoe boot trend.  By in large, I saw two options equally displayed, but I will also add a third option as well.

The first is to show your bare ankle like the picture above demonstrates. No socks should be seen, so you will want to choose a bootie sock that will protect your foot and your boot but will not show.  Cuff your jean about an inch and 1/2 above the top of your boot.  This works best with straight legged or skinny jean styles.  You do not want a large circle for your ankle to swim around in when you cuff your jean. For our weather here in Wyoming, this is a style best used in the fall and early winter months.  Freezing temperatures and bare ankles just don’t go together, even for the sake of great style.

The second option, which is equally cute, is to cuff your jeans so they rest just at the edge of the top of your shoe boot.  132b1f36d40b4b682f3a4ce30820c545

As you can see from the picture above, this young woman is not showing any ankle.  The tricky part comes in when you sit down.  Your jeans will naturally ride up.  For this reason, this style will also require bootie socks that will not show.  Wearing your jeans this way protects your ankles from a cold wind, as long as you are standing upright.  It may not be the best option if you will be sitting down outside for a long period of time.  Again, use a skinny or a straight leggged jean.

The third option will be perfect for snowy weather, as it focuses on wearing a fun, chunky sock with your shoe boot.  For this style, you will want to tuck your jeans into your boot and then add a sock that you wrinkle up just above your shoe boot.


As you can see from the picture above, this style requires skinny jeans that will not bunch up when you add a sock over the top or make you uncomfortable when you tuck them into your shoe boot.  Fashion Crossroads has just received a huge assortment of shoe and boot socks perfect for this look.  They come in fun styles and colors for you to mix and match with your boots.

So, as you can see, the one look you do not want is cuffed jeans that show your sock in between the top of your shoe boot and the cuff of your jean.  Socks should only show if you are wearing them on the outside of your jean.  Hope this helps!

How To Wear Shoe Boots

I find myself encouraging customers to try the shoe boot trend a lot these days.  Many have no idea how to wear them. Let’s dig into that a bit.

First of all, shoe boots are essentially short boots that come to your ankle and stop rather than continuing up your leg.  The short boot trend has really taken over the boot market because it is a fresh take on a winter staple.  Here in Wyoming, I couldn’t make through the winter without my myriad selection of boots.  They are an everyday shoe for me.  With this new trend, I have an excuse to buy more.  Oh happy day! 

To wear shoe boots, you can either tuck a skinny leg into the top of the boot or cuff your pant so they rest just above the edge of the boot on your ankle.  If you prefer a straight leg pant, you will just wear it out and over the boot.  

It’s also important to point out that shoe boots don’t have to be actual boots.  The open toe and open back shoes pictured first are a great example of that.  The look of having your foot covered achieves a “shoe boot” look but gives you a lighter looking shoe that is better for pairing with transitional and light weight fabrics.  

What seems to be the strongest trend right now are nude or flesh colored shoe boots.  These are great because they go with any colors and look especially wonderful set against denim and paired with natural colored lace.  

You can also wear nude shoe boots with dresses.  I personally prefer less structured dresses with shoe boots for a more cowgirl or bohemian feel, but I’ve seen shoe boots paired with structured dresses too.  

It’s a fun new twist on boot wearing and one to add to your must try list this season.  

What In the Heck Is a Big Shirt?

64538_BLACK_NATURAL_20160224174211For many years, blouses took a back seat to pull over tops.  No longer!  I began seeing a resurgence of blouses in the market last year, and they have only gained in popularity since then.  Not to be too simplistic, but I don’t want to assume all of my readers understand the difference between a blouse and a pull over top.  A blouse, by definition, is a button up, collared shirt.  This is differentiated from a “pull over” top by the fact that you can open a blouse to put it on rather than have to pull it over your head.

You may laugh at me that  I felt the need to explain that difference.  Let me just say it is an occupational hazard.  I can’t tell you how many times I have had a customer ask for one thing, when she really wanted something else.  It’s a bit like a car technician having to interpret what a “thud-thunk” in an engine might be. Smile.

To complicate things, an important trend this season is the “Big Shirt.”  Don’t you just wish manufactures would pick one name and stick to it?  A big shirt is essentially a blouse tunic.  Some may be over-sized and swing away from the body, while others may just be long enough to wear as a tunic.  When you are considering how to wear a big shirt, just think of it as a tunic and wear it as such.  Big shirts look great paired with leggings or slim legged pants.  You will want to avoid straight legged pants especially with the a-line style big shirts to avoid looking boxy.

This is a fun new twist on tunics, adding some freshness to the trend and definitely a must try for tunic and legging lovers.