How To Wear Shoe Boots

I find myself encouraging customers to try the shoe boot trend a lot these days.  Many have no idea how to wear them. Let’s dig into that a bit.

First of all, shoe boots are essentially short boots that come to your ankle and stop rather than continuing up your leg.  The short boot trend has really taken over the boot market because it is a fresh take on a winter staple.  Here in Wyoming, I couldn’t make through the winter without my myriad selection of boots.  They are an everyday shoe for me.  With this new trend, I have an excuse to buy more.  Oh happy day! 

To wear shoe boots, you can either tuck a skinny leg into the top of the boot or cuff your pant so they rest just above the edge of the boot on your ankle.  If you prefer a straight leg pant, you will just wear it out and over the boot.  

It’s also important to point out that shoe boots don’t have to be actual boots.  The open toe and open back shoes pictured first are a great example of that.  The look of having your foot covered achieves a “shoe boot” look but gives you a lighter looking shoe that is better for pairing with transitional and light weight fabrics.  

What seems to be the strongest trend right now are nude or flesh colored shoe boots.  These are great because they go with any colors and look especially wonderful set against denim and paired with natural colored lace.  

You can also wear nude shoe boots with dresses.  I personally prefer less structured dresses with shoe boots for a more cowgirl or bohemian feel, but I’ve seen shoe boots paired with structured dresses too.  

It’s a fun new twist on boot wearing and one to add to your must try list this season.  

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