It’s Foxcroft Week!

This week we are highlighting one of our fabulous lines at Fashion Crossroads called Foxcroft.  Now through Friday, come in and try on one of these fabulous wrinkle free cotton blouses and you can register to win a FREE Foxcroft Blouse of your choice from our store!  The winner will be chosen at closing on Friday, March 27th and notified on Saturday, March 28th.

Olive stripped Foxfroft wrinkle free cotton blouse at Fashion Crossroads

Olive stripped Foxfroft wrinkle free cotton blouse at Fashion Crossroads

I have to tell you, I am very impressed by these blouses.  I have to admit, I was a bit dubious about wrinkle free cotton.  So, I determined to purchase one myself and put it to the test!  I thought a perfect trial for such a claim would be a trip, so I packed my new Foxcroft blouse at the bottom of my suitcase (under the rest of my clothes and shoes) and waited to see how it looked when I arrived at market in Las Vegas.  To my surprise, the blouse came out of my suitcase without any wrinkles!

My next test was to wear it on hell day…Monday at the Women’s Wear and Nevada Show where we work from 9 a.m .to 8 p.m.  This very long day is spent in a tight schedule where we have a new vendor to see every hour.  I walk a lot going from vendor to vendor and I sit a lot while I’m placing my orders.  What better test for a blouse than constant up and down?  I wore it out over my cropped jeans, and it did not crease at the waist, despite the hours I spent sitting and writing orders.  Okay, so now I was becoming VERY impressed.  I even wore it a second day while I was at market because it looked so fresh and crisp!

White cotton Foxcroft blouse that I wore at market and available on our online store.

White cotton Foxcroft blouse that I wore at market and available on our online store.

The final test was to again pack it beneath my clothing in my suitcase on the way home.  By this time, I was not surprised when I took it out of my suitcase, unwrinkled.

This is a fabulous blouse and worth every penny I spent on it!  A great cotton blouse is a wonderful investment because it goes with anything and looks great under sweaters, jackets or by itself.  Best yet, it will never go out of style so it is a worthwhile investment.  I have loved my Foxcroft blouse and I couldn’t recommend this line of blouses any more.  You can purchase the same blouse I described above on our online store at  Just look for the Foxcroft blouse.  If you live here in Casper, then this is the week to come in and give this line a try!  Who knows, maybe you could be the lucky winner of new Foxcroft blouse!

How To Care For More Expensive Clothing

One of the most important things we do in our stores is help our customers find the perfect clothing lines that will suit their fashion needs and lifestyle.  I make it a point to end the sale with a few tips on how they can care for their purchase so it will last.  One of the things I find myself saying over and over again is beware of the dryer.  The simple and unfortunate truth is the dryer is not your friend when it comes to better clothing.  8565ae51df46aafe2310f73f1f940591

The high heat of a clothing dryer is the culprit in many a washing disaster.  Heat will fade your dark colors, shrivel your rayon and cotton, melt your embellishments and twist your lace.  The problem is, we all like the convenience of being able to wash and dry our clothing.  If that describes you, follow these simple tips to help keep your clothing looking its best.

1. Turn your dark colors inside out.  Washing your dark clothing with a quarter cup of vinegar will prevent color running.  Drying your dark items inside out will help prolong your color.  To preserve your black the best, try hanging the item to dry and then putting it in the dryer for a short 5 to 10 minute cycle to release wrinkles and soften the fabric.

2.  Turn your embellishments inside out.  If you have sequins, beads, stones, grommets, etc. on any of your clothing, you will want to turn the garment inside out so the embellishments do not rub on other clothing.  This friction causes your embellishments to loosen as well as damages the other items in the dryer.

3.  Invest in a large lingerie bag.  Wash and dry all your more delicate fabrics in a mesh lingerie bag to prevent them from rubbing your other clothing and causing pilling.

4.  For most sweaters you will want to wash them in a delicate cycle (or hand wash) and lay them flat to dry.  You can put them in a short drying cycle to soften if they feel stiff.

5.  Never dry your bras.  I’m sure I am not the only one who has taken out a knotted mess when I forgot to remove my bra before throwing my clothing into the washing machine or dryer.  Always wash your bras in a lingerie bag that prevents twisting and hang them to dry.  They will fit you much better and last much longer if you do this.

When in doubt, wash your clothing on delicate in cold water and hang to dry.  Your better fabrics will love you for the extra care and reward you with a long life and many years of great style.

Four Key Trends For Spring

Heavy zipper details are a trend to look for this season

Heavy zipper details are a trend to look for this season

As the spring merchandise keeps flowing in, I am getting more and more excited for warmer weather.  It is so refreshing to change your closet over from dark, heavy winter fabrics to light, airy, summer styles.  But even more exciting than the color and fabric change are the the new trends for the season.  I wanted to highlight a few trends you’ll be seeing quite a bit this season and encourage you to try at least one!

We’ve seen zip sweaters play a big role this winter season.  The heavy gage zipper as embellishment trend continues into summer with zip necked tops like this one on the left from Lior.  Pair this style with a printed legging in a coordinating color and some cute sandals, and you’ll have a trendy look for your summer barbecue!  We also have this top in royal blue, and I love it with printed black and white leggings.  The two together are edgy and oh so cute!  Of course this style also works well with skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans (rolled at the ankle).

The next trend worth highlighting is kimonos.  Wear these boxy styled jackets like you would a cardigan with a loose

Kimonos are going to be a fun new spring trend you will want to try

Kimonos are going to be a fun new spring trend you will want to try

fitting top underneath or a tank.  At market, the trendier girls wore their kimonos with shorts but you can dial down the style a bit by pairing them with skinny ankle pants as well.  I love this one from Ryu pictured on the right.  The soft blue is very denim friendly and the crochet and fringe embellishment make it hip.  We’ve layered this one with a lace tank in ivory and finished off the look with a tassel necklace.  So cute!  This is a great option for denim capris, skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans.  These also work well over skirts and dresses too.

Speaking of crochet, it is everywhere this season!  You’ll be seeing it as

Crochet is queen this season!  And why not, it's hip and feminine.

Crochet is queen this season! And why not, it’s hip and feminine.

an embellishment, but the far more trendy way to wear it is as a crochet top.  Look at the example on the left. This is such a light, airy style that works great to hide a thick middle and looks amazing worn as head to toe neutral, paired either as a cream and white or cream and tan combo. (Cream crochet with white pants, for example).  While this style definitely hearkens back to the 70’s, it’s more feminine than hippie this season.

The last style worth highlighting is the modified high low.  This one from Tribal

Boyfriend style high low looks great with loose silk pants for a casual and chic look.

Boyfriend style high low looks great with loose silk pants for a casual and chic look.

is a marriage of the boyfriend tee (oversized) and high low tee (shorter front than back).  This loose fitting, airy style works well paired with slouchy silk or linen pants.  It also looks amazing with jeans.  Notice again the strong neutral trend with a white front and heather grey back.   Style tip:  this top is okay to wear with jeggings but not with leggings.  Why?  Leggings cling too much in the front so you want to make sure you cover them with a longer top.  Because jeggings use a thicker fabric, they don’t cling and can therefore handle a shorter top that doesn’t cover your crotch area.  Keep it classy ladies!

I hope this blog inspires you to try one of these new styles this spring.  Embrace a new trend this season.  It will give your whole wardrobe a lift!