It’s Foxcroft Week!

This week we are highlighting one of our fabulous lines at Fashion Crossroads called Foxcroft.  Now through Friday, come in and try on one of these fabulous wrinkle free cotton blouses and you can register to win a FREE Foxcroft Blouse of your choice from our store!  The winner will be chosen at closing on Friday, March 27th and notified on Saturday, March 28th.

Olive stripped Foxfroft wrinkle free cotton blouse at Fashion Crossroads

Olive stripped Foxfroft wrinkle free cotton blouse at Fashion Crossroads

I have to tell you, I am very impressed by these blouses.  I have to admit, I was a bit dubious about wrinkle free cotton.  So, I determined to purchase one myself and put it to the test!  I thought a perfect trial for such a claim would be a trip, so I packed my new Foxcroft blouse at the bottom of my suitcase (under the rest of my clothes and shoes) and waited to see how it looked when I arrived at market in Las Vegas.  To my surprise, the blouse came out of my suitcase without any wrinkles!

My next test was to wear it on hell day…Monday at the Women’s Wear and Nevada Show where we work from 9 a.m .to 8 p.m.  This very long day is spent in a tight schedule where we have a new vendor to see every hour.  I walk a lot going from vendor to vendor and I sit a lot while I’m placing my orders.  What better test for a blouse than constant up and down?  I wore it out over my cropped jeans, and it did not crease at the waist, despite the hours I spent sitting and writing orders.  Okay, so now I was becoming VERY impressed.  I even wore it a second day while I was at market because it looked so fresh and crisp!

White cotton Foxcroft blouse that I wore at market and available on our online store.

White cotton Foxcroft blouse that I wore at market and available on our online store.

The final test was to again pack it beneath my clothing in my suitcase on the way home.  By this time, I was not surprised when I took it out of my suitcase, unwrinkled.

This is a fabulous blouse and worth every penny I spent on it!  A great cotton blouse is a wonderful investment because it goes with anything and looks great under sweaters, jackets or by itself.  Best yet, it will never go out of style so it is a worthwhile investment.  I have loved my Foxcroft blouse and I couldn’t recommend this line of blouses any more.  You can purchase the same blouse I described above on our online store at  Just look for the Foxcroft blouse.  If you live here in Casper, then this is the week to come in and give this line a try!  Who knows, maybe you could be the lucky winner of new Foxcroft blouse!

Posting From Market – Off Price

Our first day of our week long market adventure began today at 8 a.m. and the Off Price Show at the Venetian Convention Center. The Off Price show is dedicated to offering over cut, over stock, and close out merchandise at below wholesale. The show is busy, especially on Sunday because many buyers come in one day early to hit this show before the other major shows open on Monday. Buyers arrive and go through registration, get their badge and then pass through security to gain entrance to the show.


Once through the doors, the show consists of booth after booth, with no particular organizational method, in a very large convention center. It can be completely overwhelming to a new buyer. Fortunately, after 16 years, we have a handful of vendors we want to see and so we start by visiting each of these and crossing them off our list.



Our first stop was Pretty Angel. This booth gets crazy busy as the day progresses and it becomes, well….a bit mobish. Buyers are all vying for a limited number of samples and sales people and they can get downright ugly. We like to avoid this bro ha ha so we get there early BEFORE the craziness begins.



One of the things that becomes obvious quickly is what trends will be key for the season. You can spot them because you see them over and over again at booth after booth. This season it is printed leggings and palazzo pants. We stopped at Superline and ordered several great styles for FC Outlet and at Sharon Max for Fashion Crossroads.



After a busy day of buying, we usually end the day with accessories. Today we saw Sunflower and a couple of great purse lines. It is so exciting to buy things for you and look forward to seeing you get excited about what we chose.