Kyleen is a co-owner of Fashion Crossroads Inc. in Casper, Wyoming.  As the largest women’s specialty store in the Rocky Mountain States with over forty years in business, Fashion Crossroads is a destination store for women all across the country.  The focus on career clothing and dressed up casual draws women from a wide variety of professional careers who want to look professional and age appropriate for work and feel fashionable for their weekend adventures.  As a second generation business, Kyleen and her mother Dawn are proud to have served four generations of women in Casper, Wyoming.  In her blog, Kyleen shares her twenty years of experience and her passion for empowering women to feel beautiful and stylish no matter what their age, shape or size.  If you want to know  how to dress your best and how to stay trendy at any age, this blog is for you!  You’ll find clothing “how to” articles as well as tips and tricks for dressing your best.  Kyleen also has a Fashionable Friday live video series where she teaches women the basics of good dressing.  You can watch those videos on her Facebook Group Page Fashion Crossroads Fashionistas.

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