Key Color for Fall- Oxblood

I don’t know what it is this season, but I just can’t seem to buy enough new pieces in oxblood. It is a wonderful, rich, deep blood red color that sounds just like it looks. I couldn’t resist these great riding boots from Yellowbox when I saw them at market.  I could just imagine them with black or chocolate brown leggings paired with a great top or accessory in the same color.  They were one of the first purchases I made this season.  Then we received oxblood fleece leggings from Foot Traffic and this beautiful sweater jacket from Elan.  You could pair all three and have a distinctive look.

Yellowbox Oxblood Boots

Yellowbox Oxblood Boots


Maybe I like it so much because Oxblood pairs beautifully with cream and dark brown as well as black.  But for the more adventurous, it also looks great with grey, pink and turquoise.  Yes, I said turquoise.  If you doubt me, check out the great necklace that came in from Ethyl and Myrtle this week.  You have to admit that the two colors look pretty good together!

Ethyl and Myrtle native inspired necklace

Ethyl and Myrtle native inspired necklace

Another aspect of oxblood that appeals to me is that it has the energy of red without being flashy and the depth of a jewel tone without all the punch.  You can wear it as a lip color, for example, without feeling too garish.  It also looks great on toes and nails.  Indeed, it is as good as a stand alone as it is an accent.  Use the color in a scarf, purse or shoe to liven up any outfit and instantly make it hip and in sync with this season’s trends.

My advise to you is start keeping an eye out for oxblood in all sorts of fashion finds this season and invest in a piece or two.  You just might find, as I have, it is your new favorite color!

Elan Sweater Jacket

Elan Sweater Jacket  

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Wyoming Wearable Fall Fashion Trends

As always, fall beckons us with cooler nights and mornings and the occasional snow storm.  If you haven’t geared up for it yet, rest assured, that cold weather is coming.  The tunic and legging combo or skinny jean and long sweater are still key trends for this season.  Wear them with boots, and you’ll be ready for the snow to fly.  Dresses and mini skirts can be worn with tights for a warmer option this year, keeping the look on trend.  But in case you wanted to add a few new trends to your wardrobe, here is brief overview.


Heavy Knits

I am probably the most excited about the return of heavier knits this season.  We saw some push back against chunky, heavy sweaters last season so all of the sweaters we had in the store were light weight.  They were great for layering but not so good for warmth.  This year, chunky is back.  And, let’s face it, if we have another winter like last year….we will be glad.  You can make chunkier knits work by pairing them with smooth fabrics.  A thick turtle neck, for example, looks great with a smooth pencil skirt and tights.


Tribal Sportswear

Fur Embellishments

Fur will again be playing a big role as an accent on vests, coats and sweaters.  This is good for us because faux fur has been very popular for several seasons, especially in vests.  The good news is your faux fur is still in style and you’ll be seeing more.

50’s and 60’s Glam and Mod

If like me, your fashion icons are Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn, then you will love the feminine, tailored silouettes this year.  You don’t need to don your gloves and cinch your waist, but you can definitely relish in the shift dress and boots as well as the coat dress with the defined waist.  Juxtaposed to this are the highly geometric prints that characterize the mod trend this season.  Fancy a funky, bright print?  This trend is for you.


Tribal Sportswear

90’s Rocker

With all the moto jackets and shoe boots with buckles out there this season, it is not surprise that the rockers from the 80’s and 90’s are feeling right at home this season.  Use these pieces as accents and sparingly, or you might just look like a throw back.  Still, its fun to channel our inner rocker every now and then, right?

Soft Pastels

Winter white, ice blue, petal pink….are winter colors this year.  Whether its a petal pink belted wool coat or a wool suit, these colors are a surprising twist in our palate this season.


The fashion gurus keep touting “Animal is back.”  I’m wondering when it left?  I’ve seen animal prints take a strong role in fall fashion for several seasons.  But, just in case you need to hear it…animal is back.


Tribal Sportswear

Need some more inspiration, come in a browse through our beautiful new fall collections!  You’ll love what you see.

3 Steps to Get Ready for Fall Clothing Buying

I know, I know…it's July.  You are just really gearing up for summer and some of you are just now getting serious about your summer wardrobe.  Meanwhile the clothing industry is moving on.  That's right, some of our fall is already arriving.  So here is some advise for the modern shopper caught off guard.

1.  Now is the time to get your summer on sale.  Don't wait any longer or you'll be picking through broken sizes and groupings.  Well, the truth is your are already going to be doing that, but if you wait any longer you just might find your size is already gone.  At our store 8, 10, and 12 seem to go the quickest and even though we often order double in these sizes, we are always out.  The BEST time to shop for summer merchandise is April.  Most of our inventory is in by the end of this month and this is when you'll find the best selection of sizes.

2.  Now is also the time to start shopping for fall and put in on LAYAWAY!  If you want to get the best selection of new fall merchandise, start shopping in earnest in August.  Most stores will already have some fall by the beginning of the month and most will have about 60% of their fall inventory by the end of the month.  At Fashion Crossroads and FC Outet we offer a great layaway program that is free and offers you an interest free way to get your fall wardrobe all set. 

3.  Now is the time to start going though your closet.  Perform the annual "Did I wear it last year?" check.  If you haven't worn it in a year, get rid of it.  Then, browse through some fashion magazines (or just stay tuned to this blog, our FB and twitter page and our website) for the latest information on the fall trends.  Choose a few trends you want to buy and make a list of what you need for your fall wardrobe.  Do you need to replace your black heels?  Are you jacket or turtle neck poor?  Do you love one of the hot new colors?  Be intentional about what you buy.  And ,don't forget to leave a little room in your budget for items that you didn't plan to find but love and can't live without!