It’s All About Plaid

So, the one thing you absolutely must have this season is a plaid shirt.  Coming from Wyoming, plaid has always had connotations of lumber jack and camping.  But not longer!  This season, all the trendiest women will be sporting their plaid shirt and anyone who is in the know won’t think they just got home from a mountain trek!  We’re getting plaid in everyday color on the planet, so you should definitely be able to find one that will compliment your complexion.


Wearing plaid is easy.  Just pair your blouse with some boyfriend jeans that are cuffed at the bottom and wear shoe boots, and you will have a trendy casual style.  download-6It’s also trendy right now to tuck in the front of your blouse and leave the back hanging ing out for a “hi-low” look.  For an extra cool style kick, add a solid puffy vest to your look.  This style works very well for Wyoming because of our colder weather.  It’s a cozy and practical look that is fashionable to boot.

If you are unsure how to wear a shoe boot, check out my blog on the subject!