How To Wear A Poncho

One of the funnest things about fall is the opportunity to exchange a coat for a poncho.  Because these little wonders come in many different forms, I thought it would be helpful to begin with a definition.  A poncho, in the most traditional sense, is a blanket with a slit in the top for your head.  Their purpose is to keep the body warm and protect it from the rain.  They have been worn by Native American peoples of the Andes for centuries.

Fashion has taken the idea of a traditional poncho and expanded upon it.  Often times, wraps (a garment made from blanket or sweater material that you simply wrap around your shoulders) are also called ponchos, even though they are really not.  A true poncho will require that you pull it over your head to wear it.  Also, modern day ponchos sometimes have sewn in sleeves or snaps that you can use to create a sleeve.  These are helpful because they keep the poncho in place on your body, preventing it from sliding around.


Ponchos looks great worn over a collared shirt, as they usually have a round neck or v-neck design that pairs well with a collar.  Because they are usually flowing and loose, they look best paired with skinny jeans or pants.  I also really like them worn with skinny jeans tucked into tall boots, as this style produces a slim leg to balance out the extra fabric of the poncho.  It is fun to wear them with an outerwear scarf and hat; ponchos just seem to lend themselves to that cozy, sit on your front porch on a cold day with a blanket and warm beverage kind of feeling.

The major downside to a poncho is that it doesn’t work very well worn under a coat in the same way a normal sweater would.  As a result, they can really only be worn on days when its cool but not cold.  For those of you in warmer areas, a poncho might be the only coat you need all season.  For us here in Wyoming, we have about a two month window in the fall when we can wear one.  Despite their limited use, however, they can be worn during this season each year, so they are a worthwhile investment.

Since we are firmly in poncho season here in Wyoming, I wanted to encourage my blog readers to try out this fun style this fall.  You will feel fashionable and trendy with one on – I guarantee it!

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