Beauty Secret #23 – Shopping on a Budget

As summer approaches, you may be thinking about adding some new pieces to your wardrobe.  If money is tight, you have to be very smart about how to spend your money.  I’ve blogged before about organizing your closet.  I really believe good shopping choices start with an organized closet.  If you really know what you have, you can clearly see what you need.  The other helpful bit of information in making wardrobe choices is to have your colors done.  When you know what colors are the most complimentary for your skin and hair, you can narrow the endless clothing choices down.  If you haven’t had your colors done, then here is a little tip.  Your hair color and eye color will always be good choices for you.  For example, brunettes looks good in dark browns while sandy blonds can wear soft, sandy browns.  The general rule about color is to determine if your skin is warm toned or cool toned and then choose colors accordingly.  Your first step is to get rid of anything that is not a good color for you.  You know the pieces – if you feel you need to reapply your makeup all day or, worse, someone asks you if you’re feeling okay, this is a good indication it is not a good color. Next find out what is trendy for the season.  You will want to add a couple of pieces for this season that are on trend.  For example, chiffon flutter sleeved tops will be big for this season as will anything made from lace, crochet, or mesh.  You may want to begin looking for something in your colors within these two trend categories.  When you start buying according to color, you will find that much more mixes and matches within your closet than before.  By taking these things into account, you will make much smarter shopping decisions.  The other helpful tip to making better choices is to make a list before you go shopping of what you need.  Are your black capris in need of replacing?  Do you need to add some color to your wardrobe?  Are you heavy on bottoms but light on tops?  Know what you are looking for and how much you want to spend.  Fashion Crossroads and FC Outlet offer a free layaway program where you pay just 15% of your balance and have 90 days to pay.  This is a handy way to get what you need and have more time to pay for it without paying finance charges.   It is very possible to stay up with the trends and keep your clothing budget in line.  You just have to be a smart shopper!

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