Beauty Secret #19 – Get Organized!

If your closet is like mine, it could use some spring cleaning as much as those kitchen cabinets.  An organized closet is not only less stressful, it actually helps you create new combinations.  This is the time of year to clean out the old.  If you haven’t worn it yet this winter or even longer than that, pull it out and set it aside.  Don’t question yourself or make excuses like, “well, I just haven’t found the right time to wear this.”  Once you have done this, you need to SERIOUSLY consider selling the best items on eBay, taking the next best to a second-hand store and donating the rest.  If you haven’t worn it in a year, you are probably not going to wear it again.  Now, to organizing.  Start with your tops.  Put all of your tank tops together, separating out bra friendly and cami styles.  Organize them by the colors of the rainbow.  Do you remember learning ROYGBIV in school?  I do.  It was how our teachers taught us to memorize the colors of the rainbow.  R – red, O – orange, Y – yellow, G – green, B – blue, I – indigo (dark blue), V- violet.  Place all your neutrals together as well, organizing them from lightest to darkest creams into browns and whites into blacks.  Now move on to your short sleeve tops and repeat the process.  Next tackle your long-sleeved tops, separating crew neck tops from blouses.  Finish with your jackets using the same process.  Next tackle your bottoms beginning from shortest to longest – shorts, bermudas, capris, ankles and full length pants and jeans.  You may find that you have almost nothing in a certain category in which case you can combine those items into another category – say crew neck long-sleeved tops combined with long-sleeved blouses and organized by color.  Last tackle your accessories.  My husband made me a peg board like he uses in his tool area.  It works great for my necklaces which I have hanging by color.  Some ladies also like trays.  Whatever system you use, make sure you have one.  When you take the time to organize by color, you will quickly see some patterns.  Do you have 8 purple tops but not a single purple necklace, for example.  Or, conversely, do you have 4 red necklaces and no red tops?  Color organize your scarfs, belts , shoes, purses and folded sweaters as well.  Now, rest for 2 days!  Then, stand back and take stalk.  What does your newly organized closet tell you about you?  What are your favorite colors and styles?  Do you gravitate toward prints more than solids?  Do you lack any category in your closet that you need?  Do you have too much of one category?  Then, look at your sections of colors.  When you have all of your blue tops together and all of your blue jackets together, you can quickly see what tops and jackets you might be able to pair together.  Perhaps you will find a new way to combine items in your wardrobe to create a new look!

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