Beauty Secret #18: Embrace Color for Spring!

There are two clear color pallets for spring 2012 – bright vs. soft and sweet.  The vivid yellows, oranges, blues and reds of the season are everywhere and, at least for me, are a welcome change from the brownish greys of winter.  Women tend to be afraid of color – as if when they wear it, they might get noticed!  Well, ladies, GET NOTICED!  It’s okay to wear color!  Color lifts our spirits and reminds us of times past- color actually has the power to evoke a whole variety of emotions within us.  If those emotions are good, why avoid them?  So I say, if that bright yellow jacket reminds you of a field of sunflowers you saw one time and makes you feel beautiful when you put it on, then by all means embrace it!  One way to strut some color this season is with red jeans – remind anyone of the eighties?  We found a Tru Luxe jean at market in the most beautiful color of red that will be on our floor at Fashion Crossroads any day.  And why not?  Pair it with a crisp white shirt or a soft printed chiffon tunic and you’ll look amazing – and you might get noticed and that’s okay!  Now, for those of you who are trembling at the thought of such talk, let me assure you that equally strong for this season are the sweet pastels punctuated by small, even ditzy, floral prints.  You can look demur and feminine this season and be right in style too!  Either way, enjoy your clothes – they are an expression of you and YOU are an amazing individual – the only you on the face of the planet!

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