Beauty Secret #17 Have fun with scarves!

I just love that over the last several seasons, scarves have been a big accessory.  I especially like the fabrics being used right now, and the fact we have departed from the polyester scarves, at least for a while.  I learned a great new way to tie a scarf the other day from a customer.  First you start by putting the scarf around your neck with the ends hanging down your back.  Next, bring the two ends forward, wrapping the scarf around your neck and letting the ends hang at the front of your body.  Next, pull the loop around your next out so it is hanging loosly and the ends are just slightly longer than the loop.  Then, take one loose end and, starting on the inside closest to your neck, wrap the loose end around the loop until you run out of scarf.  Let the end hang.  Repeat this process with the other side and you have a fashionable scarf wrap that takes 30 seconds to accomplish!  It’s amazing how much a scarf can add to an outfit, but scarves look best when they are paired correctly.  Choose a printed scarf to go with a solid top or jacket and a solid scarf to go with a printed top or jacket.  When you’ve mastered the scarf tie that you like, you can then add a pin for some extra embellishment.  One of the trends this summer are critter pins.  You can add a pretty butterfly pin to a solid scarf for some color and fun.  My best advice is don’t be intimidated by how to tie a scarf.  The simple style I described in this blog post or even the euro wrap (fold the scarf in half,  wrap the halved scarf around your neck bringing the looped end and loose ends forward, put the loose ends through the looped end)  are really all you need.  Both of these styles will stay in place all day and can totally change the look of an outfit.  The trick is to have fun with your scarf.  After all, fashion is just another form of creative expression, so be creative!

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