Beauty Secret #16 – Stay Informed

With the advent of utube and the internet, it is easier than ever to keep up to date with what is happening in fashion.  You can go on utube and see videos of trends as they demonstrated themselves on the runways in Milan.  Just look under fashion trends, and you’ll be sure to find some informative videos.  If you are a fashionista and love style, then utilize the fact that designers have just finished launching pre-fall collections.  When a trend takes root, it usually has multiple seasons.  An example of this is fur.  It played a big role this season and will be playing an even bigger role next season.  This means you can purchase pieces with fur now while they are on sale!  If you have not yet purchased a fur vest, do it NOW!  You’ll be styling next September and ahead of all your friends, and you’ll be able to brag about how much you paid!

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