Time to Transition Your Wardrobe

Yala black skirt paired with a Yala top and accorized with a belt and scarf

Add a jacket to this look and a closed toe shoe and you’d be ready for a now and fall look

It doesn’t feel much like fall yet, but in the fashion world, August is the month when we start moving ahead to fall merchandise. It’s a bit like seeing Christmas decorations at Hobby Lobby in September. Still, even though the weather doesn’t reflect it, many of us have already begun shifting our mindset to the next season. If you are one of those people, you are probably starting to think about transitioning your wardrobe. The key to doing this successfully is considering both the weather AND the next season. One way to do this is to take a hot color for fall and incorporate it into your wardrobe right now. For example, Jade is going to be very strong. Because color blocking is still hot, you could pair a jade top with a navy skirt. Because the weather is still warm, you could keep your legs bare so you don’t get overheated, but you’ll still look like you’ve moved into the new season while being dressed appropriately for the weather outside. Another otion is to put a jacket over a sleeveless top with a skirt or ankle pant. Because colored jeans are so hot for fall, you could easily choose a fall colored denim like mulberry or forest green and then pair a sleeveless top with those colors with your jeans for a fall and now look. Successful transitioning takes a little planning, but it freshens up your wardrobe and gives you new combinations to wear. Make sure to also transition your shoes from open toed sandals to closed toed heels or flats. Happy Fall!

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