Choosing the best fitting jacket for my shape

Choosing a proper jacket length for their figure seems to stump many women.  What is too long?  What is just  right?  Should I wear double or single breasted?  Should I wear a fitted style or straight?  There’s a lot to it, so if you are among the many who feel overwhelmed with the choices, you are in good company.  In general, if you are short, you do not want to choose a long jacket as it will make you look shorter.  Taller women can wear longer jackets without this negative effect.  In general, you want the jacket to hit you at your hip bone or just below the widest part of your hip.  For the most flattering look, the shoulder seams should be at the top of your shoulders and not hanging over.  Shoulders that hang over the right spot make the whole jacket seem too big.  Hemline is also important.  If you are pear-shaped, for instance, it is important that the hemline does not hit you at the widest part of your hip.  Choose a jacket that falls just below this point by about an inch.  Be careful not to get it too long, however.  You want to de-emphasize your hips.  Also, avoid a bright jacket over a dark bottom as the difference in color will draw the eye to that location (your rear end).  Stay monochromatic for the most slimming look – a black jacket with black pants, for example.  If you are straight up and down, you can add shape by wearing a fitted jacket that accentuates your waist.  If you are busty, you should avoid double-breasted jackets, as they tend to emphasize a large bust line.  The hemline of the sleeve should hit the bone that protrudes on your wrist.  Any longer and you need to get it hemmed.  A too long sleeve can make the whole jacket seem too large.  You should be able to button the jacket without any pulls across the waist or hips.  Many women, especially those with a pear shape, struggle with getting a jacket to fit in the shoulders and hips.  One trick you can try is to fit your shoulders and then leave the jacket open.   It should appear that it could  close – you don’t want the front seams to be more than a few inches apart.  By following these relatively simple guidelines, you will find jackets that compliment your shape and add longevity to your wardrobe, as they can be worn with jeans, slacks or skirts.

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