Beauty Secret #25 – Choosing the right hem length for your body.

Feminine is back this season with the influx of great dresses in every hem length imaginable!  From cute minis that hit several inches above the knee, to tea length hemlines that sit at or just below the knee, to long bohemian inspired maxi dresses, the choices are endless this summer.  You may be struggling with what hem length to choose.  Generally, if you are petite, you want to avoid long dresses because they will make you look shorter.  The one exception are the high low styles that are short in the front and longer in the back.  These were made for the petite body because they offer a bit of both worlds.  Tea length hemlines are the most flattering for many women.  You’ll find these styles abounding in the shirt waist dresses that are so popular this season.  Be sure to accentuate your waist with a belt!  Some women prefer a slighter longer mid calf hemline, but a word of caution, make sure the hemline does not hit you at the calf if you have think calves. Taller women can pull off the maxi dress with flats for a great beachy, casual look. I think mini dresses should be reserved for those of you who have really great legs.  And as for prints, in general, larger women should choose larger prints and smaller women should choose smaller prints.  A large print on a petite woman will seem overwhelming.  So ladies, buy some dresses this summer and embrace your feminine side!  After all, they show off your figure and are cooler than shorts!  You’ll be sure to turn some heads. 

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