Find Your Equilibrium This Spring

Working in the back room the other day, I startled when the buzzer rang.  Opening the door, I welcomed our UPS driver in as he began to pile box upon box of varying shapes and sizes.  I quickly signed for the delivery, and  opened the box to reveal springtime!  The yellows, oranges and blues were a welcome sight.  While everyone else is just fully embracing winter, we in the clothing industry are embracing spring. is my favorite website for finding out what the trendiest colors for the season will be.  According to Leatrice Eisman, the Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, “this season, consumers are looking for a state of thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium.” What a beautiful thought.  Equilibrium means being in a state of rest and balance.  It occurs when two opposing forces cancel each other out resulting in stability.  The key colors this season are a blending and balancing of both soft and vivid.  Thus, two opposing forces, or in this case, colors, work together to bring stability.


The key tranquil colors are Placid Blue (sky blue), Violet Tulip (lavender), Hemlock Green (similar to spruce green) Paloma (dark grey) and Sand.  I love the Big Horn Mountains, so when I think of these colors, I imagine a hike through a field blooming with flowers and towering mountains in the background.  Picture it -a soft blue sky contrasted by the dark grey cliffs in the distance and the grey-green of a spruce tree just in front of you, all accented with wild lavender hyacinths. Just imagining it brings a sense of rest to my soul.


But to have equilibrium, you also need a contrasting force of equal power.  So, now add into the mix Freesia (vibrant yellow), Cayenne red (just like the spice), Celosia Orange (like a really ripe orange), Radiant Orchid (the purple of an orchid) and Dazzling Blue (the color of the deep ocean).  Freesia, Cayenne Red and Celosia Orange make me think of India and the mustard and red colors of curries.  But to get a sense of these colors, you could also imagine the progress of a sunset and how the sun turns a deep yellow and the sky transforms from orange to red to violet and then deep blue.

Before you chuff and say this is too much ado about nothing, be reminded that color affects your mood.  Red is the color of passion, blue promotes a sense of calm, green makes you feel refreshed,  yellow lifts your mood and makes you feel happy, and orange can bring out your creativity.  For more on this topic, check out “How Color Affects Our Mood” in the Huffington Post  Indeed, research shows the first aspect of a product a consumer responds to is color.  I’m sure you’ve had the experience of walking into a store and having an article of clothing jump off the rack.  You might have even heard yourself utter, “I love this.”  More than likely, you were responding to the color.  So I encourage you this season to think about the colors in this new palate that bring about that response in you.  Take a copy of this color palate with you as you shop and choose clothing that brings you equilibrium.