What Is A Trapeze Dress

You may have heard about Trapeze or Trapezoid dresses being popular this season. Another term you may be more familiar with is “Baby Doll.” All three terms refer to a shape of dress that is characterized by a narrow and close fitting bodice that fits the shoulders and neck tightly but then flares out into a triangular shape. This sillouette traces its roots all the way back to the English court and has had periodic popularity throughout the centuries with major designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Givenchy highlighting the shape in their lines. For more about the history of this dress, check out this fascinating article.

To wear this dress correctly, the hemline should sit above the knee and the top of the dress should fit close to the neck and shoulders. Because the shape naturally shows off your legs, you should make them the featured body part and wear some great shoes; heels work especially well with this dress. Petite women should be careful the shape does not overwhelm them, and heels can be a big help with this. Taller women can choose any shoe they prefer.

As a style, this dress is particularly good for pear shaped women who have a small torso but are wider in the hips. It is also great for hiding a fuller middle area. As a shape, this dress is known to be flattering on just about any body type when worn correctly and with the right hem length and shoe.

In the picture above, I am modelling Sympli’s Trapeze Dress Short in Poppy Red. You can see how the elements that I described as important are represented here:

  1. Close fitting neck and bust
  2. Hemline just above the knee
  3. Wedge sandal (I am 5’3)

I also love that this dress has both sleeves and pockets and that it can be worn dressy or casual, depending on footwear and jewelry choices. Plus, Sympli’s patented fabric that won’t wrinkle, fade or shrink makes this dress a great choice for travelling, as it can be washed out in the sink and hung to dry for an easy and wrinkle free dress you can wear sightseeing or out to dinner.

If you are looking for a new dress style for this summer, I highly recommend considering a Trapeze Dress. The airy and floaty design makes it a great summer dress that allows plenty of air flow on a hot day, and the fact that the fabric sits away from the skin from the rib cage down keeps you from getting hot and sticky.

See our great selection of Trapeze Dresses from Sympli including styles with sleeves and without. You can also tune into our Wednesday Night Wardrobing Live Video series tonight at 6 p.m. MST for more information. Find this series on our Fashion Crossroads Fashionistas Facebook Page.