Don’t Match Your Denim

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These mannequins in our window demonstrate pairing chambray denim tops with darker denim jeans.  The Vera Bradley handbags add yet another blue into the mix as well as a punch of print to complete the whole look.

Do you remember the days when your denim needed to match?  I do.  I can recall spending inordinate amounts of time with a customer trying to find the jean that would match her denim jacket.  Pull your hair out frustrating, it was.  Thank goodness we are in a denim trend now when the coolest ladies have denim that doesn’t match.

So here is my fashion advice for the season.  First, get yourself a denim shirt or dress!  It is a must have item this season.  Next, pair that puppy with the opposite flavor of denim.  For example, pair dark denim with chambray.  Also try heavily stone washed denim paired with a clean denim with no stone washing or whiskering.  One of my favorite looks this season is to combine white denim with blue denim.  I’m fond of chambray with white for a washed out look or dark denim with white for a strong contrast; the choice is yours.  Wear your jeans cropped to ankle length and your shirt out.  Add a pair of Chuck Taylors, a great handbag and a cute hat, and oh mama – fabulous summer style!

How To Wear A Denim Blouse

I just returned from market, and I was astonished by the predominance of denim!  Ladies, the denim blouse is a must have this season.


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Indeed, denim is so popular, companies are going out of their way to make it distinctive. You do not have to settle for your old denim blouse!   Look for hombre styles that fade from light to dark or vice versa.  Love plaid?  Get a plaid denim shirt like the ones pictured below.

But how do I wear them, you ask?  It’s so easy to look stylish! Pair a faded denim blouse with a white jean for a great casual summer style.  Wear a dark denim blouse with black jeans for an edgier and dressier look.  Pair any colored denim blouse with a white jean and crop the length to an ankle.  Add a cute tennis shoe, and you’ll be ready for whatever summer throws your way!   Don’t fret about matching denim.  The look is to NOT MATCH!

Best of all, you can wear your denim right into fall because they will be just as popular.  If you invest in any piece this summer, make it a denim blouse!