9 Sweater Trends For the Season

Snow softly falling outside in the diffused light of a overcast sky always makes me want to get cozy. And there is nothing like putting on a warm sweater to get me in the mood for colder days and hot cups of cider. Our cold snap last week made me crawl up to the top most shelf of my closet where I have my sweaters folded and pull the first one down for the season. It truly is one of the best parts of living in a colder climate. Maybe you also found yourself surveying your sweater collection. It might be time to retire some older styles and replace them with some of the fresh new trends in sweaters. This week, my “Picks of the Week” are some of the new sweaters for the season and a brief discussion of the most important sweater trends.

1. Chenille: Top left
There is nothing softer than Chenille and the fabric makes the coziest of sweaters. The only downside is that it can sometimes be bulky, so I loved this Chenille mock neck sweater that can be layered under a blazer or jean jacket. I also loved the color, as soft pink is still a significant color trend.

2. Cowl Necks: Top Middle
You’ll be seeing lots of wide necks on sweaters this season, as the “cowl” neck is making a huge comeback. This drapy style softens the face with folds of fabric that help draw attention upward. It is also very good for women who are busty, as it works well to visually minimize.

3. Abstract Prints: Top Right
I am loving all the beautiful abstract prints this season. It is a season for dip dyes, variegated yarns, and lovely colors that flow one into the other. I’ve also noticed that while there are some chunky knit trends happening right now, many of the sweaters are very light weight, almost meeting in the middle between a sweater and knit top. These types of fabrics are great if you run hot or are a little chunkier because they don’t add bulk.

4. Long Sweater Cardigans: Middle Left
Sweaters worn as jackets or as a substitute for more tailored blazers are a great addition to your wardrobe. The length makes them classy enough to wear to the office when you pair them with a blouse and slack. You can also style them casually with colored jeans and a turtle neck.

5. Nordic Sweaters: Middle Middle
Sweaters with prints that remind you of a ski challet are everywhere this season. These classic Nordic patterns almost feel retro, but designers have freshened them up with new colors and yarns.

6. Sweater Dresses: Middle Right
The classic sweater dress is always a great choice, and I love the versatility of wearing them with leggings and shoe boots or tights and tall boots. This style is a great look for the office, as it is easy to dress up, but you can easily pair a sweater dress with skinny jeans for a more casual style.

7. Sweater Tunics: Bottom Left and Middle
The season’s printed skinny jeans are perfect paired with a solid sweater tunic, and its fun to make the color combination a little surprising like pairing wine with grey. Light weight tunic sweaters also work great with your yoga wear and an added layer that can keep you warm in-between the car and studio.

8. The Classic Crew Neck: Bottom Right
Another blast from the past is the Pointelle crew neck sweater, which is making a huge comeback this season. Crew neck sweaters are perfect with collared blouses, providing a layered look that is classy and versatile matched up with printed slacks or skirts for a great office style.

9. Cropped: Bottom
The high rise “mom jeans” of the season work perfectly with a cropped sweater that is designed to just graze the top of the waist band of the jeans. This shorter style is also good with paper bag waist bands or tie front palazzo pants as well.

Maybe knowing the latest sweater trends has inspired you to unbox or, like me, bring down your own favorite sweaters. When you do, be sure to enjoy the feeling of wearing your first sweater of the season!

All of these sweaters can be found in Fashion Crossroads or on our online store in the Kyleen’s Picks Of The Week Collection.

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