We Have BIG News

We have been invited to join Shoptiques, an online marketplace for the best boutiques from all over the world.  This is a very special honor, as Shoptiques rejects nearly half of its applicants.  We were recommended to them and they reached out to us, so we feel very honored to not only have been considered but also chosen to be a part of their online marketplace.  What this means for us is a new website and an online store.  We are so excited about this new opportunity not only to reach out to Wyoming better but also to expose our store to other states and countries!


The Shoptiques story is pretty amazing.  Consider this article from fastcompany.com that talks about how the founder, Olga Vidisheva, had the idea for the company, “Before the financial meltdown, Olga Vidisheva worked in finance (“I wanted to make a difference, as surprising as that might sound”) and found the job draining. When she was traveling overseas for work, though, she would take a breather, walk around an unfamiliar city, and do one of her favorite things—stop in a boutique. When she’d return to the states and friends would fawn over her purchases, Vidisheva was startled to learn that most of the boutiques she’d shopped at had no web presences to speak of. “Am I missing something?” she thought. The gears began to turn—and continued to do so through her time at Harvard Business School.”  http://www.fastcompany.com/3025177/how-shoptiques-is-helping-independent-boutiques-tackle-e-commerce

So if you love our store, help us get the word out to your family and friends that they will soon be able to shop our merchandise online at shoptiques.com.  I’ll keep you posted on the launch date!

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