Do a Self Assessment You have probably n

Do a Self Assessment
You have probably noticed that when it comes to celebrities, forty is the new thirty and so forth. Likewise, if you look ten years younger than you are, you also can dress ten years younger. However, there is a difference between dressing to hide your age and dressing to embrace your age. Be careful of the former. For example, a slim forty year old working woman will want slacks that look professional and youthful so she’ll choose a trendier, lower rise waist and perhaps a slimmer leg. She’ll also likely choose a more form fitting top or sweater in a key color or style for the season. Her co-worker who is also the same age but has a few extra pounds will do the same, but she will need to focus more on choosing styles that are youthful and figure flattering. Their sixty year old boss who also wants to be fashionable will likely choose higher waisted slacks with a straight or even flared leg and perhaps a figure flattering jacket to coordinate over a less form fitting top. The essential trends are the same, but each woman has interpreted the trend for her age.

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