A 40 something re-living the 80’s

The really sad part is that I am old enough to remember the 80’s.  In fact, I was in junior high and high school during this decade, so I wore most of the trends that are hot again all those years ago.  Seeing them come round again makes me feel old.  But is also is a little exciting too.  I’m finding that neon isn’t as offensive as I thought it might be.  I like seeing those colors in the store and mixing them with other brights to create fun and eye catching cominations.  I’ve always loved BIG handbags, so that trend doesn’t bother me much either.  I never was a fan of the big, boxy overcoat, and that sentiment has not changed.  I WILL NOT, however, be embracing big hair, leg warmers and dramatic makeup.  I think that trend is better left to the young at heart!

So, how do you make the 80’s look fresh?  Everything is based around oversized tops paired with skinny legged bottoms.  You can avoid the Olivia Newton John look by staying away from off the shoulder tops and big belts combined with very large hair!  That is, unless you are headed to an 80’s theme party.  Designers always trend up an old look so it seems re-envisioned and not vintage. 


For example, big shirts are in new fabrics like liquid metal and tunics are meant to be worn without belts and with leggings rather than stirrup pants.  Another fresh perspective is the ankle length crop which harkens back to yet another decade.  Still, with its skinny legged fit, it works great with all the 80’s looks and keeps everything modern.  Do embrace bold jewelry.  It works beatifully to balance out all the enlogated tops. 

So, as a 40 something, I am enjoying this look back at my teens.  I’ve done a little teasing of my hair but at the crown of my head rather than at the front and sides.  I’ve fully embraced leggings and am enjoying that look very much.  I’ve even been wearing bangles again and big necklaces.  It reminds me of a younger time, and that is a good thing.  In fact, I think I’ll go listen to Rock of Ages on my iPhone. 


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