Keeping Up With the Trends at Any Age

Probably one of the biggest questions women have is how to transition their clothing to be more age appropriate without looking either too young or too old.  Clothing is a reflection of your lifestyle and what activites dominate your daily life will determine your clothing needs.  For example,when you were in high school or college, your wardrobe reflected the things that were important to you.   As you transitiion to a full time job or becomming a mom or both, your clothing needs change.  As you age, your body changes and begins to demand that your clothing does as well.  When you retire or your children graduate and leave home, your lifestyle changes again as do your clothing needs. 

One of the things we do every day is help women navigate these many stages of life and choose the clothing that will work best for them.  As a career oriented store, we specialize in work clothing – business casual and professional.  When a woman transitions from a school wardrobe to a work wardrobe, she will need to switch out jeans and tee shirts for slacks and jackets.  Doing so can be intimidating.  The key to dressing professionally but not looking too old is to stay on top of the trends.  Lines like Tribal,  for example, do an excellent job of taking the hottest colors and trends and incorporating them into work worthy clothing.  Just look back at this week's facebook and twitter posts to see great examples of this.  The result is a look that is great for work and completely up with the times. 

Any look through a current style magazine will quickly reveal that today's 50 year old woman is yesterday's 40 year old woman.  With trainers and cooks and plastic surgeons, this is very possible.  Without all these aids, however, you may find that as you age, you will feel less comfortable showing skin so your necklines get higher and your hemlines get longer.  You may also find you need a little more help from a shaper like Spanx or Teez Her.  That's okay.  These aids can help you wear thinner body hugging fabrics and still look great.  Adding a jacket or longer sweater to cover extra weight is a great trick.  Wearing a boot cut leg to balance bigger hips also works well. 

The point I am making is the changes I make when dressing a 20 year old or a 50 year old are relatively small.  The 20 year old will probably need fewer body helps.  She might feel more comfortable in a tight fitting jegging while I might choose a looser but still stylish jean like Not your Daughter's Jeans for the 50 year old.  I would probably find a more revealing top for the 20 year old and a less revealing top for the 50 year old.  But, at the end of the day, they both would be wearing the latest trends just interpreted slightly differently based upon their age and body type.

So I hope you can see that dressing for your age isn't as hard as you may think.  Find a brand you like that targets your age and a store where the sales people can help you put it all together.  Choose your clothing based upon your lifestyle and stay up to date with the trends.  Doing these things will help you be trendy and age appropriate at any age!   

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