Choosing The Right Makeup For Your Season

It is just as important to wearing the right colors on your face as it is on your body. You can do everything right with your outfit but then undermine all the benefits of wearing the right colors by choosing the wrong makeup. If you missed my last two live videos or blog posts, I broke up determining your color palate and color season into two sections. The first blog post focused on determining if you are warm or cool and the second on determining which season you. If you haven’t read those blog posts or watched those videos, do that before you start this step. I give credit to Color Me Beautiful by JoAnne Richmond for this information

Spring Makeup Colors: Light value and warm tone

Eye Pencil colors: medium to navy blue, palm green, or light to medium brown

Accent shadow (crease color): light browns, light greens, and copper. All over color: light peach

Blush Colors: peach, salmon and light coral

Lipsticks: peach, apricot, mango, and melon. All glosses should have a golden quality

Autumn Makeup Colors: Dark value and warm tone

Eye Pencil colors: medium brown to black brown

Accent shadow (crease color) medium brown, olive green, medium copper. All over color: warm candlelight

Blush Color: Salmon and terra cotta

Lipsticks: deep shades of cinnamon, peach, and terra cotta. Glosses should have a gold quality.

Summer Makeup Colors: Light Value and cool tone

Eye Pencil: medium blue, medium green and charcoal

Accent Shadow (crease color) green blue, blue greys and lavender. All over color: pale pink

Blush Color: soft pink, rose and soft plum

Lipsticks: pink, rose, and plum. Glosses: silver shimmer

Winter Makeup Colors: Deep value and cool tone

Eye Pencil: charcoal and navy. Black in the evening

Accent Shadow: medium to dark grey, medium to dark plum and medium to dark teal. All over color: pale pink

Blush Color: soft red, deep pink and wine

Lipsticks: hot pink, ruby, bright red, and plum

When choosing a foundation, you begin with your warm or cool tone. Warm toned seasons will look best in a foundation that has a yellow or golden tone. Other colors include amber, honey, or ginger colors. Cool toned season will look best in a foundation that has a pink to rose undertone as well as cognac, espresso or mink tones.

If you would like to see some examples of these colors, join me LIVE tonight at 6 p.m. in our VIP Fashionista Group. I upload the videos into YouTube as well, so you can also check the whole series out there.