Gifts for a Grinch: Easy Gift Ideas When You Don’t Know What To Buy

Sometimes, the struggle of not knowing what to buy someone makes us a little Grinch like. It isn’t that we don’t want to spoil someone or we are cheap, it may just be that we have no idea what to buy and hate the idea of having our gifts just returned after the holidays are over. As a business owner of a women’s clothing store for the last twenty-two years, I have some experience with helping men at Christmas time! Here are my top 5 suggestions for making a great gift choice and getting you out of your Grinchish mindset.

  1. Dressy Jewelry: Most women that I know love beautiful things, like sparkly earrings or, even better, a whole necklace set. The downside with buying precious gem jewelry is that not only is it expensive, but it limits you. That’s why I love our convertible jewelry line called Myka from Canada. This jewelry line offers lovely detachable pendants, chains and matching earrings so your special gal can add to it over time and build her collection. All of the crystals, pearls and elements are genuine Swarovski, which is unsurpassed for quality and sparkle. All of the chains, pendants and earrings are plated in Rhodium that won’t ever tarnish or fade or needs polishing. Additionally, I love jewelry as a gift because every time she wears it, she will think of you!

2. Jewelry with a story: A gift is also special when it has a story, and buying it makes us feel like we are doing something good for the planet and to help those in need. For this reason, I also like our Tagua jewelry. It is much more earthy than the Myka pictured above because it is made from the Tagua fruit, which is found primarily in the Ecuadorian forest. The fruit falls from the tree and hardens into a Tagua nut that is very similar in look and feel to ivory. In fact, the Tagua nut is sometimes referred to as vegetable ivory. These nuts are carved, died, tumbled an assembled by Ecuadorian artisans. It is fair trade and sustainable. The other thing I love about this line is that each of the necklaces are adjustable so they can be worn at various lengths.

3. Exquisite Leather Goods: Women love their handbags, and they love them to not only be functional but also to make a statement. If she is a leather lover and appreciates quality, may I suggest a HOBO handbag. This third generation handbag maker uses premium leather produced in their own tanneries. This means that you will never see the leather on any other handbag besides a HOBO handbag. The quality of the leather is apparent immediately by the feel and smell of the bag. A HOBO handbag owner myself, I can tell you these bags are well designed and very user friendly. They are also always on trend with the latest handbag colors and style trends.

4. Limited Edition Leather Goods: We women love to have something unique that we know will some day be a collectors item so that when someone asks us where we got it, we can say, “Oh, this isn’t available any more.” So sad for you! This is why I love our Anuschka handbag line that is hand painted by artisans in India. Anuschka develops copyrighted art work each season for their handbags and then retires that artwork after a year of so of use. Since the art is never repeated, her handbag becomes a collectors item. It is truly a special gift. The high quality leather just gets softer and softer with use, and Anuschka puts a lot of thought into the design of their bags, always including handy pockets for the gal who likes to be organized. Each bag is hand signed by a member of the family.

5. Items That Connect To Lifestyle: Another sure fire way to make a great gift choice is to choose an item that supports or highlights a lifestyle. An example of this is our Vintage Addiction crossbody bags that are made from recycled military tent canvas. These handbags have repaired tears and stains that tell the story of the canvas that was used to shelter a member of the military. The art work on the front is all original, and the utilitarian and casual style makes them a great choice for every day use. These bags will be loved by anyone with a military connection.