Great Ideas for the Full Figured Fashionista

Are you full figured and wondering how to wear all the latest trends this season?  Well, as In Style's June issue put it, "Great Style Has No Size" (126)    I loved their suggestions about how this season's dresses are perfect for any figure.  This maxi, as an example, shows off the shoulders and accents the bust while giving plenty of room through the body for larger hips.  Best of all, it has just arrived at Fashion Crossroads along with many other styles that would look great on a full figure.

Dressing well is all about playing up your positives and de-emphasizing your negatives.  And let's face it; we all have negatives.  Just ask yourself, "What is my favorite thing about my body?"  Do I have great eyes, narrow shoulders, a great waist, pretty arms, nice legs, an attractive bust?  Whatever feature you identify should be what you highlight with your clothing.  One caution about the bust however – showing too much can seem tacky so be careful here. 

The pretty high low dresses that are popular this summer are great for a woman with nice legs.  The flared skirts that are abounding this season are wonderful to accomodate hips.  Best of all, dresses are cooler than shorts and capris, so get shopping and find something perfect for you.  And if you need help, just come see us!