How To Combine Prints


One of the things that intimidates us is knowing how to combine prints.  Most of us avoid it, but we shouldn’t.  Prints help give depth and interest to our outfits and combining them is easier than you think.  The simple rule is: you can combine two different prints if they both have the same colors.

Consider the floral print combined with the jacket in the picture above.  Because the jacket has a simple line print that is on a grey background and accented by blues, it lends itself well to being combined with the much busier floral print in the Vera Bradley makeup case.  Ultimately, though, what makes it work is the fact that both the jacket and the makeup case have the same dominant dark and light blue.  Even if the jacket was plaid, if the colors in both prints were the same, you could combine them.

You could, for example, wear the cross body purse in the picture with the jacket if you paired the outfit with a solid grey slack.  The neutral grey helps balance the prints. Smartly combining prints in this way allows you to create totally unique outfits that express your personality.  Play around with this a little in your own wardrobe and break out of the one print only rut.  You’ll be amazed at what great outfits you create!