How To Wear A Mini Dress

The mini-dress trend is still in full swing.  Let’s be honest, only a fraction of us can wear a dress this short.  If we still have the legs to pull it off, we might not have the nerve.  If we have the nerve, we might not have the legs.  No worries!  There are still ways you can wear a mini dress and make it age appropriate.

The first, and most obvious solution, is to pair a mini dress with leggings.  The blue and white striped dress on the left would look fabulous, for example, paired with navy blue or even denim leggings.  The taupe plaid dress on the right, would look great with a soft grey. Add a cute pair of sketchers, boat shoes, or converse tennis shoes, and you have a casual style that will work great for your weekend adventures.

Mini dresses that are fuller on the bottom due to an a-line cut, like the one on the left, can also be worn over denim capris as long as they are a slim legged style that fit similar to a legging.  Remember, with a long, over-sized top, you must balance the fullness of the top with a slim leg so you don’t look boxy.  Pair this look with a wedge sandal and a colorful handbag for a punch of color.

Blouse mini dresses, like the one on the right, can be worn with boyfriend jeans that are cuffed at the bottom.  I’m particularly fond of this look paired with trendy tennis shoes and a vintage wash denim boyfriend jean.  Add a cute scarf loosely slung around the neck and a great tote for a day out shopping or on the town.

So, just because you can’t see yourself pulling off the mini dress, doesn’t mean you have to avoid buying them.  With a little bit of imagination, you can make this style work for any age or body type!  By the way, in case you want to try out the outfit suggestions in this blog, you can buy these two mini-dresses on our online store.