How To Wear Long Vests And Jackets

One of the fun new trends this season is long vests and jackets.  When I say long, I mean at least mid calf if not almost to the floor.  It’s a great new look, but it can also be intimidating to know how to wear them.  If you feel a bit unsure, hopefully this blog will help you get up the courage to try!

IMG_2432One of the things I do at market is watch what the buyers are wearing.  Here in western America, we don’t get too edgy.  Trends are dialed down to a more conservative version. I have learned, however, that when I see a significant portion of women sporting a similar trend, it will be one that makes it to good old Wyo.

When I was at market in February, I watched carefully to see the different ways women were wearing this trend.  By in large, most women paired their long cardigans and vests with jeans and boots.  Several of them added a floppy hat to the look too, which was darn cute!  Some manufacturers picture this trend with shorts and boots, but I think that look is harder to pull off than jeans.  It is edgier and of course takes great legs.  Have no fear, however, if you can’t quite see yourself wearing a long vest and shorts.  At 44, I can’t see myself doing it either!  The jeans option is very viable and would be age appropriate from 30 to 50.

This style is very Bohemian so when you are putting your look together, keep this in mind.  As you can see in the picture, there is a crocheted version as well as a longer fringed style. I paired the one on the right with a denim shirt to bring out the denim blue tones in the cardigan but also because denim shirts are an important item for spring.  You could add a white jean to this fringed cardigan, denim shirt combo and have a stylish spring outfit.  Keep in mind the length of this jacket.  If you are short, you will need to add some heels to get you up off the floor!

The vest on the left is actually easier to pair up.  Wear it over a tee shirt or blouse in a natural tone and then add a washed out denim capris, boyfriend or ankle jean.  Add some Bohemian sandals like a wrapped ankle wedge, some BoHo jewelry and a fringed purse.  You’ll be one hot mama!

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How Do I Wear a Kimono?

Kimonos are a fun new trend this spring, but you may be wondering how to wear one.  Most young contemporary vendors

This gypsy print kimono from Elan is available on

This gypsy print kimono from Elan is available on

picture them with short shorts and a tank, like the one shown here.  This is a very trendy and cute look, but this style really only works for those of us who can wear short shorts, leaving out way too many women over the age of 25.  Don’t be discouraged!  In this blog, I’ll suggest some alternatives!

Kimonos are basically a loose jacket with sleeves and no collar.  If this model were to hold out her arms, you would see that the kimono forms a box shape, creating a flowing and draped style.  They can be long or short, but most are the length pictured here.  Many prints and styles are available from southwest and gypsy to vintage lace.

Because of the boxy cut, one style option is to balance the volume of a kimono with a slim fitting bottom like a slim legged bottom like a cropped jean or jegging.  I can also see it with a distressed boyfriend jean that wasn’t too wide in the leg.  The style is somewhat Bohemian, so gladiator sandals or fringe sandals work well.

It is also possible to go the opposite direction and create all over flow.  You can do

This fringe kimono can be purchased at

This fringe kimono can be purchased at

this by paring your kimono with a palazzo pant and tank.  Take for example this fringe kimono pictured on the right.  Because of its natural colored fringe, I think it would be very cute to pair it with Elan’s natural palazzo pants pictured below.  To make this look work, you will need to have a palazzo pant that isn’t so full in the leg it makes you look like a box. The one from Elan has a flowy look that is not too dramatic.  If your tummy is slim, I would suggest wearing a slimmer tank underneath to provide some balance.  If, however, you have a little extra around the middle, you can keep the look loose.  Be careful to give your legs some height if you are short by adding a wedge sandal.  If you are tall, a cute Bohemian sandal would finish off the look perfectly.

This natural palazzo can be purchased at

This natural palazzo can be purchased at