Embrace You

You’ve probably noticed the abundance of Bohemian details adorning summer styles.  It seems like it’s hard to find clothing without some type of crochet, lace, or embroidery. Personally, I love these feminine details.  And, as with any style, how much you go there is all up to you.  Let me explain.


Take this navy chiffon dress pictured above with its crocheted front panel, as an example. While the top seems like it came right out of the seventies, the bottom has a ruffled hem that hits just above the knee.  This, combined with the chiffon contrast fabric and the conservative navy color mixes the style up a bit.  Instead of being a flash back dress, it has elements of the seventies toned down with other very girly attributes.


In contrast then, consider the Bohemian dress pictured above.  When you combine the decidedly boho print with the tassel detail and the crocheted shoulder, it screams hippie mamma.  Both dresses are cute and right in fashion, but one has Bohemian elements and the other is Bohemian.

I love this about fashion.  You can experiment with a different persona.  You may not be Bohemian in nature, but perhaps you have a bit of a free spirit.  You can have just a touch of that laid back feel without going over board.  Or, perhaps, you’re a neo-hippie selling art at concerts.   Well girlfriend, go there in a BIG WAY.  Your clothing should be an expression of who you are, and the truth is, we are all elements of a lot of styles and mindsets – some we embrace and some we keep a little on the down low.  We can “go there” with our clothing to varying degrees and quietly or not so quietly say to the world, “I am me.”