How Old Is Too Old to Wear Leggings?

How old is too old to wear leggings and skinny jeans? I just did a fashion show for the Geo Wives Club and most of my models were in their 50’s and 60’s. We put several of them in either leggings or slim legged pants, and they looked great! The issue isn’t whether a 65 year old can wear leggings. This issue is how to interpret the trend for a mature woman. First of all, we didn’t choose a slim silhouette unless it flattered the woman wearing it. In other words, those with larger hips and legs wore a-line skirts or looser fitting slacks. Those with slim legs wore leggings or cigarette pants and loose fitting tunics that came down to the appropriate length. About 90% of the models wore layered tops. A jacket and tank, for example, work well together to hide figure flaws while still showing off a waist. With some well thought out clothing choices, they were all dressed in the latest trends and looked classy, fashionable and perfectly dressed for their age.

4 thoughts on “How Old Is Too Old to Wear Leggings?

  1. I don’t think it’s fair to slap an age limit on leggings. Hell, when i’m 83, you can bet your bottom dollar i’ll probably still be sporting yoga pants haha great post, and I love your blog!(: Care to check out mine?


  2. Kyleen, your post peaked my interest because I just returned from Spain where I bought a pair of ‘jeggings.’ I wondered when I bought them if I was being too trendy for my age (55). I know my Spanish friend would not wear them. I love wearing them with my new Spanish boots! When I returned home and sent Rosa a photo, she replied I looked delgada (slim). Thanks for sharing your perspective. It gives me confidence to shop my style as long as my body size allows. Ardis


    • Ardis,
      You are MOST definitely NOT too old to wear leggings! I sell them every day to women your age. It is a fun, comfy trend. Trends are for everyone, you just have to interpret them for the different ages. Women in their fifties, sixties and etc. need to make sure they have a tunic top that is long enough to completely cover your crotch (sorry, I’m not sure there is a better word) and your rear. Also make sure your tunic doesn’t cling but flows nicely. So glad to hear you are embracing this trend!

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