Wear a Fedora this summer!

Needing a fun new trend to try out this summer?  The Fedora is a simple and inexpensive idea (this one is only $12.60 at FC Outlet).  To get the look, just pair a slim legged pant with a boot or ballerina flat and add a blousy top like this 80's style wide neck, bat wing version I'm wearing in the picture.  Last, put your fedora on and wear it low – just over your eye brows.  Don't push it back on your head!  Hey, who says we can't have all the fashion and fun in Wyoming?  Just because its windy, doesn't mean the only hat we can wear is a tuke! 

And, speaking of the 80's, don't be surprised to see neon green and pink this summer along with printed capris and floral jean jackets.  What a blast from the past…my past…I was in high school in the 80's!  Does it mean I'm getting old that I can remember wearing something that is BACK in fashion?  Probably.  Ces La Vie, but fashion is fun, and I intend to have some fun with these new styles this summer…including a few new Fedoras!

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